CNLE Law is a team of well prepared and experienced lawyers and partners committed to provide legal advice and creative solutions to our clients. We are passionate about what we do and our principal goal is to meet our client’s objectives offering them an excellent quality service that exceeds their expectations while being their strategic planners and handling various matters both nationally and internationally.




The business of entertainment is one of the most complex yet fascinating in the industry. With technology constantly changing and new trends always coming out, it is hard to keep up with all the laws and regulations
that exist.

The area of entertainment involves issues such as trademark, invasion of privacy, intellectual property, right of publicity, profit participation, film, video, music, talent contracts, distribution, copyright, format rights, interpretation of recording (recording interpretation), trade secret law, patent law, royalty and advanced financial figures. Our lawyers and partners are highly experienced and committed to provide the best legal advice to their clients regarding these topics.



The industry of tourism is one of the most important ones in the country. Our team offers legal counsel and advice in matters related with tourism and all the legal aspects regarding this specific industry..

The firm cares to guide our clients in permit obtaining in leases, operating and concession contracts, development agreements, tax and permit advice.



CNLE Law is a firm who believes in startups and the needs that the emerging companies have in their different stages of the business life cycle. Our team of partners and lawyers are committed in getting to know our clients; their objectives and necessities in order to promote a sustainable growth of the company. The firm assist our clients with legal advice in every aspect since from the formation of the company to post incorporation. Among the services we offer are equity division, legal financing advice, protection of intellectual property, tax and security issues, mergers and acquisitions, IP matters, contracts.


corporate services

CNLE Law is a strategic planner firm that offers a wide range of services regarding all corporate needs that a business might need. We provide legal advice and assistance on labor, corporate, tax, municipal, regulatory affairs, M&A, administrative, registration, dissolutions and business turnaround.

Our objective is to make your business user-friendly to be able to interact with everyone that is involved in the industry. 




At CNLE Law we provide legal advice in Ecuador related to customs.  We keep our clients in proper compliance of tax and customs obligations of its foreign trade operations. We work on daily basis within the International Trade. We evolve every day as this area constantly issues intelligent.


Some of our services related to customs in Ecuador are:
Licenses, Legal Analysis and Quality Technical Standards
Tariff classification.
Nationalization to merchandise consumption nationwide. 
Advice on projects and management in Ministries.
Specialized legal advice through our associate lawyers.
Exports to consumption and temporary merchandise nationwide.
Merchandise internment under special regimes and other regimes.



It’s CNLE Law’s primary area of practice. We count with a team highly knowledgeable in this field of law both nationally and internationally.

The partners of the firm have been recognized as leaders in aviation law, prepared to deal with matters at any level related with the industry itself or with key players in the business of aviation.

Among the services the firm offers are: insurance, reinsurance, public law, regulations, commercial disputes, litigation, corporate, liability, disasters, extensive loss and damage, and any other legal advice that our client might need regarding issues related with aviation.



Whether it is a big or small business we are devoted to meet the legal needs and demands of our clients.

We count with passionate and experienced lawyers in this field of practice, that offer legal counsel and advice on protecting intellectual property, regulatory trends, testing, certifications and labeling of new products, trademark, patent, product development, competition and consumer act and on meeting the standards and regulations of the country.





CNLE Law recognizes the growth of the market for on demand services such as Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, among others. For which we offer legal advice for these types of companies who required different type of assistance from traditional companies.

Among the services we offer are protection and security for the company and intermediaries, protection for the end-user, legal advice on norms and regulations of the country.



At CNLE Law we have specialists with in-depth knowledge of the Ecuadorian insurance sector.
We are valued for our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to legal needs and our ability to understand the business and the expectations of our clients.

Our services include advice in:
Insurance and reinsurance
Regulatory issues and processes before local financial and insurance authorities.
Financial "due diligence".
Establishment of guarantees.
Insurance contracting.
Sponsorship in administrative litigation for breach of insurance contracting.
Representation in negotiations with reinsurers in Europe and America.


Consulting Firm

We have partnered with multiple consulting firms in order to satisfy any need of our clients. Between our strong allies are firms with more than 30 years of experience on aviation, operations, entertainment, tax and labor matters.  

For more information please contact any of our team members.



We are a team of strategic partners for your business. Legal professionals and advisors,
duly specialized in several areas of law.

We happily advise corporations and entrepreneurs with ethics and efficiency. We are not
only lawyers; we are strategic partners with the required expertise to provide high quality
services while being highly efficient and effective.

Our team is able to provide services in the Latin American region.



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