CNLE Law is an Ecuadorian firm that believes in the powerful economic impact of startups worldwide. Particularly in Ecuador we have been able to assist to our Start Up allies from the starting idea to the expansion of the Start Up first nationally and later internationally.

Our team of partners lawyers and consultants are highly motivated and believe that achieving dreams is a piece of cake when your planning and business model includes Your Strategic Partner.

We are committed with our client’s objectives in order to promote the sustainable growth of their Start Up. Our service is considered by our clients as the best experience and the most cost-efficient of the market.

We serve emerging companies in the different stages of their business life cycle. Some of the legal services we provide Start Ups in Ecuador are:

· Mergers and Acquisitions

· Contracts

· Legal financing advice

· FundRaising

· IP Matters

· Data Protection

· Internal investigations

· Real State

· Business Legal Support

· Document Review

· Employment

· Commercial

· General Counsel Services

· Trademark & Copyright

· Regulatory Compliance

· Management of client’s files and records

· Corporate Maintenance

· International expansion.

Our CNLE Law attorneys work hand in hand with technology, aware that new ideas are accompanied by innovation and constant communication. Several Startups have emerged in the Ecuador, and there are many more to come, exploring disruptive areas of business accompanied by the rise of social networks and web media.

Our network allies in the Latin American Region and our office in Miami sums up for our clients to expand their Start Up from Ecuador and move forward from the start doing business internationally.

Don’t let your Startup into a downward spiral. Partner with us and get the results you need. Maybe you can become the next success story like many global companies that started just like you. We are ready to conquer the world. Are you?


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By: CNLE Law