Eurasia Airshow- "Women in Air & Space Symposium"


CNLE Law will be participating at the "Women in Air & Space Symposium", in the Eurasia Airshow which will take place in Antalya on April 25-29, 2018, bringing together the decision-makers of the global aerospace industry.

The Eurasia Airshow aims to attract over 100,000 professional visitors from over 100 countries with more than 500 international exhibitors and 150 military and civilian delegations. The Airshow will be held at Antalya International Airport, one of Turkey's top three busiest airports. The area and its sufficient infrastructure ensure a top-level exhibition of flight capabilities. Antalya is selected because it meets all the criteria for such an international aviation event: technical and operational infrastructure, military aircraft technical requirements, ground handling services, entertainment and shopping facilities, accommodation capacity, accessibility, and favorable weather conditions. Antalya has also stood out by its successful hosting of the 2015 G20 summit. Antalya's status as one of Turkey's and the world's top tourist destinations will help generate great interest in the exhibition.

Our Partner Carolina Ortiz Espinoza  was invited and will be attending as one of the main panelist in the "The Women in Air and Space Symposium on April 26th. It should be noted that Carolina is the only Latin American woman and the first Ecuadorian to be invited as one of the main Speakers at this great event, which is a complete pride. She is a very experienced Aviation Attorney, she is also a member and a representative of the International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA), in this manner she has a long history of supporting and empowering #women in the aviation industry, she has given talks at various events and forums around the world so that new generations feel in full power to practice in this incredible profession.

The symposium aims to bring together the military/civil professionals, academicians and students in the aerospace industry, to let them argue and share ideas and roadmaps in a technical, academic and managerial way about the development and rise of women and to create awareness for gender in the industry.

One of the fastest-growing markets in the global aviation industry, Turkey once again takes advantage of its location as a bridge between Asia and Europe! Turkish aviation industry has grown exponentially since the early 2000's and will reach a new peak with the Eurasia Airshow in Antalya. The Event will provide a diverse range of exhibitors from sectors such as: Satellite and Space, Government, Military, Defense, MRO, Technology, etc. 

The symposium will be organized by ‘Agency ON9’ for the first time at the Eurasia Airshow ,Turkey, with a view to promote gender balance in the global air and space industry.

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By: CNLE Law