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CNLE Law’s primary area of practice is Aviation Law. We count with a highly qualified team in the aviation practice, recognized both nationally in Ecuador and internationally. Our team is duly trained on aviation law of Ecuador and also have multiple accreditations of IATA in different aviation fields on the international sphere. Just to mention some of them are: Aviation Law, International Aviation Law, European Union Aviation Law, Insurance in Aviation, between others.

CNLE Law’s Partners have been recognized as leading attorneys in the aviation practice in Ecuador. Together with our team, we are able to deal with matters at any level in the aviation industry itself or with key players in the business of aviation.

Some of the legal services we are able to provide in Ecuador on regards aviation law are:

·             Regulatory and Compliance

·             Public-Private Partnerships

·             Unmanned Aircraft Systems

·             Airport activities Representation

·             Aviation

·             Aerospace

·             Environmental

·             Representation and counsel to Latin American and European airlines.

·             Preparation of code-share agreements.

·             Preparation of strategic alliances for airlines.

Our attorneys are uniquely qualified and experienced in every aspect of aviation and aerospace law, including commercial transactions, and regulatory issues in Ecuador and different other countries of the world.

We have handled multiple legal issues for airlines and other air transportation related services companies in Ecuador.  Some of them are:

  • Advising airlines on DGAC regulation in Ecuador and operational matters.
  • Act as aviation attorney’s experts in discussions regarding aviation law and regulations of Ecuador.
  • Preparation of aviation contracts such as: freight-forwarder contracts, handling contracts, charter contracts, travel distributor contracts, commercial agreements, leases between others all in correspondence with Ecuador.
  • Preparing contract documentation in correspondence with the aviation law in Ecuador.
  • Representing aviation and aerospace corporations before DGAC in Ecuador.
  • Advising clients on regulatory compliance in Ecuador.
  • Obtaining permits for foreign air carrier to operate to Ecuador.
  • Act as aviation experts under Ecuadorean jurisdiction for different entities regarding bilateral agreements and open skies;
  • Obtaining charter authorizations in Ecuador.
  • Obtaining operational authorizations for unique aviation arrangements.
  • Registration of, codeshares and wet leases;
  • Advisory of customs legal issues related to passengers and cargo in Ecuador.
  • Representing clients before airport authorities in regard to leases of airport in Ecuador.

CNLE Law’s attorneys constantly participate in top publications on aviation law.

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By: CNLE Law