Civil Aviation Law Ecuador- AMENDMENTS


CNLE takes the lead in the discussion of the amendments to the Civil Aviation Law of Ecuador. 

CNLE  participated in discussions of the Civil Aviation Law; our representative was Juan Ramon Ortiz a professional with more than thirty years of experience in minor and major aviation in the public and private sector, insurances, regulatory between others

In the discussion Juan pointed out the real necessity to amend the law in accordance with the liberalization policy of Open-Skies just released by the President of Ecuador. We integrated one of the three working groups to address an specific regulatory structure to implement this policy. (I am interested in the document)

On previous weeks, the Executive had issued the Open-Skies as a national policy with certain exceptions.

Through this presidential decree, the current president of the Republic of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno Garcés, expects a industry with more flexibility and the reduction of timing for processing applications to start operations to Ecuador.

A case by case approach will be studied and awarded accordingly to the necessities of the country and/or the legal requirements by the other states involved.

For all the existing and current agreements, these will be renegotiated considering the terms stablished on the Presidential Decree. An important part of these renegotiation is that not only the Ministry of Transport will be involved, but also the Ministry of Tourism, to impulse tourism operations in Ecuador, related directly to the airline operations to and from Ecuador.

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By: CNLE Law