SPEED MENTORING: A crash course for future entrepreneurs


What ails your entrepreneurship? Do you need a strategy? Does your product or service thrill? Are your sales flat? Are you crestfallen or unmotivated? Do you know how to even start tackling all these issues?

All of these issues and more, were addressed at the Speed Mentoring session hosted by Universidad San Francisco de Quito, for enrolled students. This gratuitous event took place May 23rd of 2017, and opened the discussion for aspirational entrepreneurs to learn from successful ones. Among them were pioneers in the food and beverage, legal, construction, and marketing industries. Also among the guest speakers was our very own Nicolas Lasso, partner of our firm.

Read some of the suggestions given by Nicolas to the students, below.

“Creativity marks the difference between you and your competitors. It is not enough to peddle your services or products, you must understand your client’s situation and work with them to find the most beneficial solution to their problems. You need to listen, every time you are going to sell services.”

“You can’t give up, there will be hard times when you decide to be an entrepreneur. You cannot focus on the money, it is not about the money; it is about being bold for change and leaving your mark on a better world.”

When asked about the legal restraints on Cabify and Uber as an impediment to the development of new services and innovative solutions, Nicolas said the following:

“Every time there is a new solution it is unregulated, because it didn’t exist in the market before its development. When the first car roamed through cobbled streets, there were no regulations to moderate it. There were no transit laws or even the necessary articles in the penal code to criminalize accidents caused by reckless driving. With time, the necessary provisions to regulate cars were developed and included on legal systems everywhere, because it created a necessity.

This also applies to Cabify and Uber; their product provides a service that did not exist before and is therefore unregulated. They are currently having issues on a global scale, because their product challenges the established legal status quo. This is normal. Their product causes an effect on society, legislation is a cause to an effect on society; a cause created by what each society demands. It is just a matter of time for the necessary legislation that regulates these innovations to be developed.

I can advise you to somehow adapt to the market and society where you are going to offer your product or service. If you don’t do so, you will have some sort of legal issues. Now, if there isn’t a legal regulation for your product or service, that regulation will be developed with time, because it will form as a response to your product or service.”

Overall, it was certainly a day of shared knowledge and experiences that provided the necessary platform for future entrepreneurs to learn more about the struggles and accomplishments that await them. If you would like to learn more about the necessary steps you need to take before you launch yourself on a journey of entrepreneurship, contact Nicolas.

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Carolina Ortiz